San Juan Island field work, September 2012. Photo: B. Houghton

I’m a M.S. student at the University of Washington, School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences. I am part of the VanBlaricom lab and currently conduct research with NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center and Cascadia Research Collective. I research how boats make it noisier in killer whale habitat. This research is part of a large, collaborative study looking at risk factors faced by endangered Southern Resident killer whales and uses two unique data sets collected by my collaborators. Marla Holt is extracting noise levels received by killer whales that have been recorded by digital acoustic recording tags (DTAG; Holt, NWFSC). Deborah Giles is collecting location and attribute data for vessels and whales using two integrated mobile remote sensing equipment packages (developed by Giles, UC Davis). I am using statistical and modeling techniques to incorporate the two unique data sets in a novel way. Education, outreach, and science communication are also a large component of my academic and professional goals. I am passionate about making my science count and inspiring students to get involved in research.

Brandon & Luke enjoying Seattle in late Spring. Photo: S. Stephan

I am from the Pacific Northwest and have been fascinated by the ocean, science, and marine mammal biology since elementary school. I am lucky to have the incredible support of my amazing family and friends. My husband, daughter, and puppy are my biggest fans!


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